Max Coursey

Max Coursey marches to the cadence of a different Penguin.

Max is a 5th generation Idahoan, third generation Californian, and second generation misfit who lived in Australia, Colorado and England.  All that is good in Max is owed to the foundation laid by his parents and the lessons taught to him by his wife and three children.

After graduating from University of San Diego Max began his real estate career in 2001 and has practiced full time in a wide variety of real estate niches.  Max has always been a top producing Realtor but also has experience in development, construction, property management, remodeling, short sales, foreclosures, income properties, and managing real estate brokerages.

The Great Recession was extremely difficult for Coursey. His income fell 90% in one year while working to support a wife and 3 children.  During the recession Coursey witnessed friends, colleagues, past clients and others lose their homes and fall victim to a series of difficult circumstances.

Coursey was witness to a real estate industry that was burned to the ground.  Once, the recession began to show signs of recovery, Max felt a spark to begin building the industry in a new and better way.  After losing his step father and the idol of his life, Max founded Tiger Prop, a brokerage that would attack the status-quo in terms of fees, transparency and services rendered. Some real estate agents didn’t like that Max was saving his clients money and bucking the system. Max didn’t really care that much, but he did care a little bit.

Max began Tiger Prop with the goal of destroying the status-quo in real estate, saving his clients a billion dollars before his death, providing a higher level of service than national franchises from Austin, Texas or Madison New Jersey and having as much fun as humanly possible. Tiger Prop is well known for their edgy and modern marketing.  Tiger Prop’s mission statement is “Give”.

Their goal as a company, is to put their clients into a more equitable position.  They do this by standardizing services, lowering costs, offering rebates, and being transparent in terms of fees and credits.  Tiger Prop pays for professional photography, staging consultations, and in house graphic design for all listings.  Homes over $500k receive drone, mini movie or virtual reality.  Tiger Prop’s brokerage fees range between 2% to 5% but never exceed 6% of the sales price.  Although only 3 years old, Tiger Prop has over 25 agents.  In 2016 Tiger Prop gave or saved their clients over $509,000.  *savings compared to a 6% broker who does not credit or rebate back to buyer.

Max enjoys kite-skiing, mountain biking, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, spending time with his kids, penguins, bodysurfing, ocean fishing, reading and tigers. He also likes people a lot