Charles (Chuck) Porter – Well Known Real Estate Educator, Inspector and On Air Expert

Charles (Chuck) Porter, successful Real Estate Inspector for twenty-five (25) years, speaks to Host Felecia Phillips Curtis about educating buyers on the condition and care of their prospective home purchase, and educating sellers on potential unknown or hidden issues to help them prepare for the sale of their home.

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Chuck has performed hundreds of home inspections ensuring that your home is ready for the real estate market, and making sure that buyers select great deals!

For more information visit porterhomeinspections.com.  You may also send an email to porterhomeinspections@gmail.com or call (919)264-2080.

Today’s Host:

Felecia Phillips Curtis

Felecia Phillips Curtis is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of Prosperture Realty Investments LLC. Felecia has worked to develop a unique business strategy that withstands the versatile ups and downs of the market.

After building her initial portfolio of real estate holdings in the Atlanta and Seattle markets, she founded her realty investment firm a decade later in 2015. Felecia is passionate about the causes she supports; and is mindful to give back to the communities that allow her to thrive.

Felecia is a former ABC affiliate television talk show host, radio personality, print journalist, and Human Resources Administrator

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