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Matt Skinner- Founder Of Empire West – A Boutique Private Equity Firm

In this episode host Felecia Phillips Curtis interviews Matt Skinner, founder of Empire West, a boutique private equity firm that specializes in cash flowing apartment buildings. Matt helps busy professionals … Listen to interview

Charity Woods is an an active real estate investor since 1999 and is currently a partner or owner of four real estate investment firms in VA

In this episode Charity Woods discusses how she helps new investors achieve their maximum potential through one on one coaching and mentoring. Listen to “Charity Woods – Active Real Estate … Listen to interview

Ted Dahmus – expert in short and long term property rentals in Ohio and Tennessee

In this episode Ted Dahmus speaks to Host Felecia Phillips Curtis about lending his expertise to luxury home buyers (investments), luxury vacation renters (short and long term), luxury local renters … Listen to interview

Nelson Gonzalez – Top Miami Beach Realtor

In This Episode Nelson Gonzales discusses how he helps luxury home buyers and sellers sell, invest and purchase high-end waterfront properties in Miami Beach. Listen to “Nelson Gonzalez – Senior … Listen to interview